Satisfyer Feel Secure Menstrual Cup

Satisfyer Feel Secure Menstrual Cup

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Due to the mass waste single-use period products create, we have decided to sell menstrual cups at cost. We want to make menstrual cups more accessible to you. In your lifetime as a person who menstruates you may use 5 to 15 thousand pads and tampons. This waste ends up in landfills and our oceans. Let's all do our part in reducing this waste.
Get the best in protection during menstruation with the effective new Satisfyer Menstrual Cups.

Designed to prevent leaking onto your clothes, these silicone cups are of medical grade and are 100% body safe. The bell shape curve comfortably sits against the vaginal wall and collects fluids. Depending on the flow, it is recommended to carefully remove the cup after around 5-12 hours, empty and rinse it before reinserting.

This item comes with a 20ml cup, and a 15ml cup depending on your comfort level and flow amounts. The base has a long whale tail styled removal chord for easier removal.

Product Features:
  • Comes with two cups - 1x20ml || 1x15ml
  • Whale tail styled retrieval base
  • Material: Silicone