SQUEEZE Ballstretcher
SQUEEZE Ballstretcher
SQUEEZE Ballstretcher
SQUEEZE Ballstretcher

SQUEEZE Ballstretcher

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SQUEEZE is a thick, blubbery ballstretcher designed to meld to your junk like a second skin. Each end of SQUEEZE is topped with squishy padding to push your sack down and away from your body for a sweet stretch that's sure to impress.
The curved design of the inner chamber grips your meat tight without constricting your balls too much...think of it like a hand gently tugging on your gems.
SQUEEZE is made from OXBALLS' signature FLEXtpr so it's lightweight and compact but still packs a punch. Unlike silicone, FLEXtpr has a completely different feel for an entirely new stretchin' sensation.
SQUEEZE's ergo-curved design and lightweight material make it a must-have for your ball stretching routine.
Wear it when playing with a partner and experience some serious raunchy slappin' or keep it on during your daily routine...nothin' like the feeling of training your jewels while you run errands or kick back on the couch. It's the perfect combination of pleasure and comfort!
SQUEEZE Features:
  • Made from OXBALLS' best-selling super-soft, blubbery FLEXtpr
  • Each end of SQUEEZE is lined with an inner ring to keep balls in place
  • The curved hourglass shape is designed to grip without being too tight
  • Lightweight material and ergonomic design are made for comfort
  • Pushes balls down and away from the body for a stretching sensation

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